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Sophia, Founder 

Sophia is a freelance strategist and trend researcher based in New York. She also runs Home
, a shop-experiment where she sells things she’s made at home.

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1. What is the inspiration behind your brand?

It was a natural progression to this - I’ve been selling bottle bags on Instagram for a year and it felt like it was time to start owning the fact I’ve been spending so many hours making them kind-of anonymously. The inspiration behind the visuals of Home Economics is that I really wanted to communicate the process bits - like if my notebook had a voice. 

2. In what ways are you blossoming right now?  

This is an interesting question. I think I’m (very slowly) learning to speak my own language - to move in the ways that feel good, to become comfortable and confident in what I like and to take my time. 

I’m also re-learning (maybe not blossoming haha - but trying) about money, time and value, which has definitely been a process.

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3. What is one cause that is important to you?


Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is the relationship between food and health - it’s inequalities, opaqueness, and exploitations in both access and education. Public health in America is a trillion dollar business, but in our day-to-day it's our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being (and it can be free). 

4. What are 3 things you can't live without?

Good shoes, a good bed and a good book. 

5. What is a good piece of advice you have recently received?

“do things when you’re in the mood to do them” 

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