Our Story

Homeroom is a celebration of the glow up: a space for women, femmes, and non-binary folks to share their gifts with the world and level-up.

Homeroom Collective began as the love child of Nicole LeBlanc and Khira Goins-Paxon. They bonded over a shared nostalgia for school and the way it encouraged constant learning and peer connection. Their first goal was to get creatives off their phones and in a room together to share resources, wisdom, and joy. After a year of listening, learning and adapting, Homeroom has become a safe space for the exchange of ideas and resources, fostering collaboration, empowerment, and inclusivity.

Now more than ever we recognize that community is essential for survival. In response to our dynamic world, we have expanded our digital presence to strengthen connections in a time when we need it most. No matter what life throws at us, the heart of our mission remains the same: advancing the ideas of marginalized folks, amplifying their narratives and having some fun along the way.

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Nicole LeBlanc, Co-Founder

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Nicole is an organizer and activist whose work centers community care and action. With a degree in Communications and Sociology from The University of Colorado Boulder and extensive experience in event production, she co-founded Homeroom Collective in 2019 as a platform for building authentic connections and cultivating empowerment for marginalized creatives. 


Khira Goins-Paxon, Co-Founder

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    Khira is a photo and event producer, currently positioned as the Creative Producer at Thinx. Khira moved from Nashville to Brooklyn in 2016, with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration. Khira's hopes are to bring opportunities and give voice to Black Trans Women and queer individuals in creative, social and political industries.

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    Theresa Meriam, Creative Assistant

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    Theresa is a freelance stylist assistant and model, signed to State Management. Having studied Fashion Merchandising at the University of Delaware, she is very self-motivated to be a multifaceted creative and never stop evolving. In her free time, she loves shopping and watching anime. She is so excited for what’s in store for the Homeroom Collective and can’t wait to connect with the community.

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    Jane Holovatska, Graphic Designer

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    Jane is a graphic design student in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is looking forward to graduating this year, as she continues to master her creative expression. She has been painting since she was 13 years old; art is her passion and you will never find her without a sketchbook close by.


    Sonia Paola Leone, Graphic Designer

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    Sonia is a graphic designer who graduated from FIT where she studied fashion design and fabric styling. She has vast experience designing fashion apparel, commission prints, animation gifs and more! She also owns a business with her husband called The Crafty Lion, where she designs enamel pins, stickers, magnets and more. She finds daily inspiration in movies and pop culture. In her free time she loves watching movies and writing reviews on Twitter. Sonia is excited to share her talents, learn from Homeroom and see where this awesome opportunity leads her! 


    Linda Zhou, Brand Designer

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    Linda is a freelance visual designer based in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from Temple University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Music, she taught music to underserved communities throughout the Northeast US. She now uses her love for conceptual thinking to bring the essences of independent artists and small businesses to life through brand design. 


    Catherine Spino, Editor

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    Catherine Spino is a writer, performance artist, director and creative problem solver based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and a published thesis on gender norms present in freak shows. Her work has been featured in PROOF the Zine, ONE Magazine, Helen the Brand, Fem Foundry, and DIM Things. Simple pleasures include a good cup of coffee, handwriting letters, vintage paperbacks, good and sturdy chairs, and solid playlists. She is over the moon about writing for HR and you can find more of her work at www.vividbluestain.com.


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