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Playlists 🎧

Our collection of curated playlists created with you and all your moods in mind.

"I couldn't help but wonder, with all this time inside at my makeshift standing desk, did I actually hate my job or did I just need new work music?" This mix of global beats peppered with lo-fi tunes will safely transport you to somewhere that's not your dining room.

Remember those first couple of days where the weather hits that sweet spot between spring and summer and everyone looks like love? Sink into your feels and put this one on your speakers for a good love dose of oldies hip hop, nostalgic pop and groovy tracks. You'll be looking like the heart eyes emoji in no time.

Your body is a temple and it needs to groove! Whether you're running miles or doing the running man, these catchy melodies are going to get your body moving. Keep it up--health is wealth, baby!

Let's be real--you don't give yourself enough credit, you've done a lot today. Let's cool down and take a second to check in with some soothing, comforting melodies. You deserve a good cool down.