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Practicing Financial


by Nicole LeBlanc | 2.12.21

The year is 2021 and there is no time like the present to start bettering your relationship with money. Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round. Not only do we have bills to pay, we have big dreams and we don’t have time for money to stand in the way of our true purpose.

I only recently started confronting my relationship with money, but once I started to grow more transparent with myself and others, I was finally able to tap into my financial liberation. When you take time to focus on your state of your affairs, things start to shift. Understanding your finances and pursuing the money goals that matter to you helps promote a healthy money mindset, empowerment, and boss moves.


It's time to level-up!:

Financial Sites for Women Are Game-Chang
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Create Goals That Inspire You

It is not enough to say, “I want to save money”. You need to identify a specific goal. Passion fuels desire. The more strongly you feel about attaining something, the more likely you are to remain committed over the long run. Let’s say you have a new passion project you want to fund, start your own business or buy a house. Be as descriptive as possible--being able to clearly picture and describe your goals is strongly associated with achieving them. Next, take some time to write down your short- and long-term financial goals in order to meet your aspirations. Get specific--set a target dollar amount and deadlines for these milestones.

*Pro tip: Write your goals down and tape them to your bathroom mirror, or use a goal as a password phrase on your laptop so it stays top-of-mind. Manifest that shit.

Start Talking

Many of us have been taught that it is not "polite" to openly discuss our finances. But if we aren’t being open and honest about our financial situation, how do we expect it to improve? Feeling ashamed or alone in your struggle to manage money is not a healthy way of taking good care of yourself. Ditch the guilt and lean on your tribe. Though these conversations can feel uncomfortable at first, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by how much support you receive, and chances are your friends and loved ones can afford to better their spending habits as well. Wins all around. 


Take Action

Sticking to a budget is hard! Especially if you’re a freelancer or if your income is inconsistent. Be realistic about how you budget and save. A good place to start it by identifying expenses you can cut out. If money is holding you back from making big moves in life it is absolutely necessary to practice frugality, even if its smalls things -- i.e. ditch the cafe and start making your matcha at home. Or (dare I say it?) cancel your HBO subscription. This tip will have double pay back because not only are you saving $15 a month, you’re eliminating a distraction. After all, money is not the only issue, time management and focus are also vital to achieving your mission. Consider your daily decisions and choices, identify things you are currently doing that offer short-term gratification but could be sacrificed for your ultimate goal. An hour of TV swapped for an hour of studying, for example. These are the types of simple sacrifices that will give you a big advantage overtime. With this perspective in mind it is easier to make the “right choice” because we are acting to give ourselves something in return (financial freedom, time, knowledge), not denying something from ourselves.

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