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Oré, Stylist

Oré (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based artist currently expressing herself through the art of dress as a freelance stylist. A Cancer Sun Aries Rising Gemini Moon. Her current focus is living. 

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1. What is your favorite part about styling? 

My favorite part of styling is research and thinking a full thought. As simple as it sounds it's a skill set that gets overlooked and you can kind of tell when it does.

2. What is your least favorite?

Market-- it gives me so much anxiety because where are the clothes coming from??? I get so nervous and my imposter syndrome kicks in.

3. What does success mean to you? 

Success is hard to define because I realized I don't have a traditional career path. Where most people got their start in a publication's fashion closet or went to school for this,  I've had to learn on my own or through my community, making  my career feel unique, special and purposeful. For me, success means not being defined by what I do, so the moment I get to step away and live off the grid for even a day or two, I'm successful.


4. How do you practice self-care?

Currently by saying 'no' or changing my mind. Trusting my intuition a bit more.

5. What is your current mantra? 

5" The more that I see the more that I know,  I don't know anything at all."

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