Since our launch in June 2019, our mission has been to cultivate inclusive communities, inspire collaboration, empower women, femmes and non-binary folks to reach their full potential by sharing their gifts with the world, and celebrate the glow up!


Behind the Scenes



Born and raised in San Francisco, Nicole LeBlanc is an organizer and activist whose work centers community care and action. With a degree in Communications and Sociology from The University of Colorado Boulder and extensive experience in event coordination, most recently at The Wing, she co-founded Homeroom Collective in 2019 as a platform for building authentic connections in the age of social media.


Through Homeroom, she's created a safe space for the exchange of ideas and resources among creatives to foster collaboration, empowerment, and inclusive communities. Homeroom is a celebration of the glow up: a space for womxn, femmes, and non-binary folks to share their gifts and reach their full potential.



Khira is a photo and event producer, currently positioned as Creative Producer at Thinx. Khira moved from Nashville to Brooklyn in 2016, with a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration. Khira founded Portion, a circular industry based magazine, in 2017 and has since spent time connecting with local creatives, brands and community organizations. Which lead her to meet Nicole and co-found Homeroom Collective.


Homeroom is a growing community building a platform for collaboration and growth. Alongside Nicole, Khira's hopes are to bring opportunities and give voice to Black Trans Women, queer individuals and womxn in creative, social and political industries.

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